Welcome! You have found the Idea Factory, the cyberhome of author and musician Katie Lynn Daniels.

Unfortunately I don’t actually spend a lot of time here any more, so this has become more of a gathering ground for my many other pursuits.

If you’re interested in learning more about my music activities please visit music.katielynndaniels.com

If you want to read my blog posts please visit my collaborative blog Vaguely Circular

I also guest blog for The Pandora Society

If you want to read about my published series go to Supervillain of the Day.

If you’re interested in any of my filmmaking activities then pay attention to katielynndaniels.com/films

You can also follow me on Twitter @authorkatielynn (I also tweet under @SupervillainOTD and @VaguelyCircular)

You can friend me on Facebook also as AuthorKatieLynn

I am on Goodreads as well

This is my Amazon Author Page

I am on Noisetrade Books

Official Bio: Katie is the self published author of the superhero parody Supervillain of the Day; a series of compact novellas rather than full length novels. Like many of her kind, she is an eccentric with more hobbies than actual qualifications, who takes sadistic pleasure in making her readers cry. She is a fan of the Internet, freedom of information, creative commons, and Neil Gaiman. She is also a professional singer/songwriter/harpist, and performs regularly at the Scottish Highland Games. She has two short films in post production, and lives on a dairy farm in Kentucky with her parents and eight younger siblings.

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