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Once there was color. This was perfectly normal, you understand. The color spread over the land on the day the world began. It was wonderfully beautiful, gorgeous and more than words can ever tell…

So begins “Colordeath”, the prologue to The Colorless Lands. A story based on our own history of paradise lost by the foolishness of those who inhabited it. A story of hope for the future, and of happiness based on love. A story of how a quest for immortality almost destroyed a world.

Orpheus was the greatest musician known to the ancient world. Eurydice was his bride-to-be. But on her wedding day she’s bitten by a poisonus snake and dies. Angry and heartbroken Orpheus journeys to the underworld to ask the King of the Dead to give his love back to him. Hades is so touched by his music he agrees to let her go; but there’s a catch. During their journey back to the land of the living Orpheus will lead, and Eurydice will follow, and if he looks back to see that she’s there he will lose her forever.

This project is a creative re-imagining of the original tale as told through a single 8 minute song. The film was written and produced during the month of February by students and community members at Riverland Community College.

What happens inside the book when word-count boosting tricks go too far? Month of the Novel is a hilarious web series inspired by NaNoWriMo. There are sixteen hilarious episodes on YouTube! Season 1 follows the adventures of the Writer as she races to complete a 50,000-word fantasy novel. Then in Season 2, the Writer returns with an ambitious 100,000-word goal and an epic science fiction story.