New and Exciting Debate Topics

I have several friends who used to be in speech and debate, and it seemed that they always did the same drab topics over and over again. Creationism vs Evolution. Republican vs Democrat. North vs. South. Etc. These topics are overdone, even among debaters, boring as a result of over-familiarity and far more likely to win you enemies rather than friends in debate class since they’re topics we feel so strongly about. Not to mention the problem of having to defend a side you don’t agree with….how can you do a good job with that?

So I’d like to present to you some fun new exciting topics with arbitrary viewpoints that are easy to stick to like superglue without actually compromising your values or ticking off your opponents. Guaranteed non-threatening, unimportant, and yet highly controversial!

Number 1

Is this color red or orange? If you don’t think this is controversial enough for a debate topic then you’re either color blind, or you’re not argumentive enough to be a debator.

Number 2

Will the world end in ice or fire? Provide geological research to support your claim.

Number 3

Is Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch the better actor? Provide expert testimony. (Any well known male British actor may be substituted.)

Erika_9_typewriterNumber 4

Panster or Plotter? Which is the better method? (Spoilers–both are legit!)

Number 5

Is the pen really mightier than the sword? (Note: “might” must be defined in advance.)

stream_imgNumber 6

Hershey’s or Cadbury? All-American or better chocolate? Good luck defending Hershey’s ridiculous ban on importing genuine Cadbury chocolate!

Coke-and-Pepsi-dilutiveNumber 7

Coke or Pepsi? This may refer to either the specific drinks, or the companies themselves. (If someone wants to be really adventurous, toss in RC!)

What exciting debate topics do you recommend?


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