Supervillain of the Day: The Audio Drama

Hey there! Hmm, look at all this brown! Oh yeah, that’s because we’re on my personal website, the Idea Factory. We’re over here because I managed to break the official website (backend only) and don’t have backups of the database or something… anyway! Here is your audio drama episode, on time as promised! (Apologies to the iTunes people.)

Episode 4: Fire and Ashes: Part 1.

And with that we also have a few announcements. Like the release of Supervillains of London! Click the pretty picture to go to the Amazon page:

And of course there are all kinds of other goodies soon to be available, so stay tuned for details, hopefully back on the proper website! Meanwhile, if you’re going to be anywhere in the vicinity of Cincinnati this weekend drop by the Hotel Atrium to see PandoraCon! I have signings and readings and panels and critique sessions and there will be lots of Supervillain related paraphernalia for sale and free.

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