My Bastard Children

Everyone, at some point, has done something and then ignored it. Perhaps it seemed a good idea at the time, or you did it because you were confident of success, or a friend or relative pressured you into it, or it was just the cool thing to do. And then you forgot about it because it turned out to be less of a good idea, or a dismal failure, or it was plain embarrassing, or just not worth the effort. These are your bastard children.

Maybe you write a fantasy novel when you were fifteen (or twelve, if you’re fifteen at the time of reading this) and decided to self-publish it through Createspace. After all, that’s the popular thing to do, and it’s a really great novel, and your family was all so proud of you. Now, five years later, you wince every time someone mentions the title.

Or maybe you thought that, since you write so much for your blog you should put some blog posts together and publish them as an instant ebook and make some extra money that way! Only, two years later, you figure no one is really interested in your opinion anyway, let alone paying for what they can get for free, so you keep thinking “Oh yeah, I do have this other book” and generally being embarrassed that you haven’t given it proper attention.

Yeah, I’m talking about Sanctity of Life. You can see it in the sidebar to your right. In fact, that’s the only place you can see it; there and at #80 on Amazons “Philosophy and Politics” list. There aren’t even any reviews of it!

When you have a bastard child you can do one of two things. You can ignore it and treat it as a source of embarrassment to you, or you can acknowledge it or you can embrace it as your own in spite of its flaws. Sometimes you hire an assassin to murder it so it can’t hurt your future career choices.

We all tend towards the first option, but shouldn’t we really take the second course of action? Isn’t that more profitable to us and our children; legitimate or otherwise? Occasionally the third option should be taken, as in the case of that novel you published when you were fifteen. (or twelve.)

This is me acknowledging “Sanctity of Life” as a proper book, and promising to treat it with dignity and respect. And it’s even going to get a cousin! Look for “The Universe, Science, and God” coming this summer. And I promise to find reviewers for both.

In fact, if you would like to write a review then let me know and I’ll be happy to send you a complimentary copy!

So what are you going to do with your bastards? Acknowledge them, or have them taken out back and shot?


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