Rap Trade-off

I don’t listen to rap, really. I only know of it through reputation. And then last night I had a very strange experience when this song came up as a youtube commercial:

And thought it was very, very strange. In a sort of good, unique way. After analyzation I realized that a large part of why I liked it was the lyrics, and how well they fit with the rhythm. I showed it to my best friend, who told me it wasn’t actually that great…. But the metre of the lyrics match the rhythm of the song, which I can appreciate as a poet who fusses with metre. And there are some clever, unique metaphors in there. The language is fresh and original.

She then showed me this song, as an example of Christian rap she enjoyed, altough admitting that it was even less of a rap song and more of a spoken word. (You’ve probably seen this one: the artist did another video “Why I love Jesus and Not Religion” which went viral a few months ago. Like…. everyone saw that video.)

So then I brought up the other rap song I know and like: Handlebars by Flobots. I’m a bit obsessed with that song. It’s strange… but mostly I love the lyrics. Like “He’s Coming Back” it has a musical chorus, and lots of original, catchy lyrics. Seriously listen to this one.

My friend explained to me that it’s about human nature… which makes sense. At first glimpse it appears to be political, but without an agenda. And isn’t politics essentially a reflection of human nature? She also told me it wasn’t rap, it was hip-hop. And as an example showed me a song by none other than Owl City!

And so there you have it. My complete knowledge of rap music. But I’m going to leave you with just one more: the first rap song I ever heard. It falls into an extremely strange category: epic wrap! Fight, by Future World Music. Enjoy!


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  1. Actually the GOSPEL rap video is by a different guy than the Jeff-somebody who did the Why I Hate Religion and Love Jesus. The Jeff-somebody doesn’t have dreadlocks. 🙂

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