Neil Gaiman Tweeted me!

My personal life isn’t my usual subject matte on this blog, but I have a story that only geeks can appreciate and there are none in my family!

To begin with I have to make sure you’re aware of the Nanowrimo Musical. To go back even further I would have to tell you about the “Wrimo Individual Guy” but then I’d never get this post written. Which means I’d die from pent up excitement. Just follow the handy links I’ll dump along the way and you’ll be okay.

The Nanowrimo Musical is a musical about Nanowrimo. My favourite song from the whole musical is “Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me.” I appreciate this song for many, many reasons, most because of twitter. I have twitter; so I understands retweets. I follow Neil Gaiman, so I know he retweets a lot of people. I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman, so I understand the elation that would come with being retweeted by him.

Watch the song.

Last night I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. (I realized later that’s because I was drinking caffeine up until bedtime in an effort to help my stalled writing. The only effect caffeine has on me is to prevent me from sleeping if I have it too late: I was drinking it for the soothing effects of the tea it was in.) And while I was laying there unable to sleep the song “Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me” starts running through my head. Not the whole song… just that line. It starts to get repetitive.

To stave off the song I start thinking about the guy who wrote it, and how he’s a really cool guy. He wrote a musical that everyone loves, he does Nano, which is automatically cool, he’s a singer-songerwriter who sings really nerdy stuff, he writes comics, and Neil Gaiman retweeted him. But he’s not just cool… the song attests to the fact that he reacts to cool things just the way a real person should. He’s not aloof to the wonders of getting a morsel of attention from a famous person.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, in the end,) this train of thought did nothing to help me sleep. I got up, listened to the song, and sent “Rick” a tweet summing up my thoughts.

I do strange things at night when I can’t sleep. Things I usually regret later. As I wrote that tweet I had a vague feeling that I would probably wake up in the morning to a sinking feeling that I’m not cool enough to talk to people that cool. Nothing of the sort happened. Encouraged by Errol’s reply I kept writing random tweets. About the musical. About the song. Because it was late at night and I do stuff without inhibitions that late. Finally I decided I had better stop before I did something I really regretted and I went to bed.

I had 64 twitter notifications: that’s normal. I decided not to read them all because my internet is lousy lately, and just skipped over to the notifications to find any remnants of the previous night’s conversation. There were seven favourites and ten retweets of this tweet I made:

You can see in that image the cause of this sudden surge of popularity. But it took me a bit longer to figure out. My thoughts were actually: “Huh, that’s odd. I wonder what set that off.” But Errol catches those sorts of things and there was a handy tweet from him telling me. (And I didn’t believe it at first. I had to go check Neil Gaiman’s feed myself.)

That’s what happens when I do things late at night when I can’t sleep. Most mornings I wake up feeling like an idiot, but some mornings…. Errol even made a comic about it! I mean, look! It’s me! In a comic!

Excuse me now, while I go sing my own rendition of the song.


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