The Sun Sets in the East…

I’ve finally had a chance to read Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision.” Velikovsky is the founder of the Electric Universe theory (of which I have not yet written.) His ideas are preposterous to the extent that contemporary scientists of his day went out of their way to try and disprove him. His ideas were so original, so fantastic, that it was inconceivable that they could be true.

I am not finished yet with Velikovsky’s book, but I am already well aware of his premise. I know he states that Venus was once a comet which came into close proximity with Earth, causing massive upheaval and chaos. I know that Mars was also involved in the “war of heaven” that was visible all over the planet and a source of fear and awe to everyone living there. What I did not know is that this conjunction of the heavens was the cause of the miracles described in the Old Testament.

Most of us read the Old Testament with a grain of salt and an air of mystery. From one end to the other it is filled with miracle, mysteries, and impossible phenomena. Joshua won a battle after praying that the sun would stand still – and it did. Physics tell us that because the Earth moves around the sun this means that the earth came to a complete standstill. Common sense tells us that if the Earth ever came to a complete standstill it probably wouldn’t survive the stress and that battle would have been humanities last. But what if that wasn’t the only cataclysmic event going on in Joshua’s time?

Exodus tells us that Moses turned all the waters of Egypt to blood. Velikovsky presents archaeological evidence that this miracle was not confined to Egypt. Ancient texts from Africa to South America record a time when all the waters of the Earth became tinted with blood; when red dust fell from the sky; when the waters ran red.

Science has told us that tides are cause by the gravitational pull of the close approach of the moon. Imagine, then, the immense tides that would occur as a result of the near approach of a comet nearly the size of the earth. Many explanations have been put for for the crossing of the Red Sea; including a strong wind. All such explanations have always sounded ludicrous to me. But there are Chinese historical texts that tell of a huge wave that crossed the mountains, and filled the valleys for years.

The near approach of two cosmic bodies causes enormous electrical discharge, which can result in overwhelming atmospheric noises. History tells us that the heavens cried aloud, and the Earth groaned. Traditional sources say that God’s voice could not be heard on Mount Sinai alone; but that the entire world heard the ten commandments.

Think about the implications of this for a second. Think about the earth opening up and swallowing disobedient Israelites. Think about God leading his people out of Egypt. All my life I thought of it in terms of magic. He granted power to Moses to bend the laws of physics. What Velikovsky suggests actually happens is far more terrifying to consider: that he drug a comet out of the cold reaches of space; that he timed a sort of cosmic Rube Goldenburg machine to coordinate exactly with Moses actions and Pharoah’s refusals; that he tore apart the earth and sky and reconfigured the entire solar system to work his will with one nation of people.

Think about that.

Velikovsky provides historical and archaeological evidence that the sun once rose in the West. For well over two thousand years we’ve been able to predict the movements of the sun and stars with reasonable accuracy. The seasons go in order. The sun rises exactly 24 hours apart each day. We can keep accurate calenders and send rockets to the moon. We assume that because there are eight planets orbiting the sun now that it was always so. We live in a time of peace and prosperity, of predictability and cosmic stability. But try taking the Old Testament a little more literally. Try throwing some physics into the equation, and imagine what kind of terrifying world existed then. We worry so much about global warming, but in the time of the Exodus Native Americans reported cases of rivers boiling.

I haven’t finished Velikovsky’s book yet. I haven’t got past the archaeology into the actual cosmology yet. But with his archeological proof alone I will never view the old testament the same way again.


The Sun Sets in the East… — 3 Comments

  1. Whoa. Super interesting things to think about there.

    The Sun and Earth stopping is what always gets me in awe, because you need orbit to keep everything from falling into the sun. But then if the sun isn’t spinning and therefore doesn’t have gravitational pull, I guess we wouldn’t have to worry about that would we? 😉 [I could be wrong, haven’t studied that much astronomy and physics yet.]

  2. That’s a really interesting theory. Whether it’s true or not, it makes sense to me that God would work like that. He knows everything and knows what we’re going to do before we do it and as such He has everything planned. With that in mind it makes sense that He would work it out a head of time for natural forces to do His will. It fits more than Him just waving his hand and magically making things happen. It seems that He likes to work within the laws that govern the Universe most of the time. Also why does He need to wave His hand and make something happen when He has the big picture and can make a chain of natural events do His will?
    I’m intrigued by Velikovsky’s theory. I may have to look into it further.

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