Commorative Q&A

Last week, to celebrate 100 posts on my blog, I hosted a Q&A. I invited ya’ll to ask me questions, any questions, and that I would answer in my 102nd post. I’m here to keep my end of the agreement.

Andrew wrote:
Why do you love Sci-Fi?

Good question, and not one I get asked all that often. I got started writing scifi because my dad didn’t approve of fantasy and I didn’t like that I was writing books he would never read. Since then, as I’ve learned more about the genre, I’ve fallen in love.

The short, sweet, and honest answer is this – I love scifi because I love science. The more science I learn the more it amazes me. I also love scifi because it’s new and fresh, and it allows me to tell stories that would be less powerful in a fantasy setting. I love realistic moral dilemmas. I love writing political scenarios that don’t involve monarchies. I love writing about robots and bioengineering and addressing modern concerns in a futuristic story.

Jonathan Garner wrote:
What are your favorite animals?

That’s an easy one. I love cats and cows. I used to milk several cows by hand back before I got into theatre, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for them. Especially calves. I actually had a cow named Nellie who would let me ride her… she was one of my favorite pets I’ve ever had. And cats I like just because they’re warm and furry and purr.

BushMaid wrote:

What gave you the idea for the supervillain of the day series?

Oh, let me see if I remember…Oh, I remember! I was watching Spiderman III. And he fights with this guy who can turn into sand. And he empties his boots out and comments randomly: “Where do these guys come from?” And I was simultaneously complaining, to Aubrey Hansen no less, about the ratio of heroes to villains. I said if there weren’t any superheroes the world would quickly be overrun…  And I showed her that quote and she said it was a great story idea “Just where do they come from anyway?” and it took off from there. The title came almost instantly to mind, and stuck remarkably well.

Just what is your favourite colour? o.O

Green! When I was little and didn’t know any better it was blue, just to be contrary. (Since blue was a boy color.) But then when I discovered Robin Hood it switched to green and it still is. I’ve actually been wearing a lot more blue lately, probably the influence of Doctor Who, but green always is and will be my favorite color. Dark, forest green.

If you could visit any other country in the world what would it be?

Greece. That’s a surprisingly easy answer too, but I’ve had it picked out for a long time as well. I love architecture, and I love ancient history. Several years ago, when I was just finishing high school, I had a book about the ancient Cretans. It talked a lot about the palace at Knossos and the reconstruction there and ever since I’ve wanted to go. I want to see Athens. I want to see the oracle of Delphi. I want to see Crete. And Knossos, of course.

Seriously, why Dr. Who?

Haha! I’ve written entire blog posts on the subject, you know. Firstly because it’s scifi, and I love scifi. (See above.) Second because the characters are endearing and captured my heart from the beginning. (“Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!”) Thirdly because the writing tends to be brilliant. Like the “I wish I could write like that” brilliant. Fourthly because the themes of the show are things that are very important to me. Things like sacrifice, honor, nobility, and sanctity of life. (“When you start this new world make the foundation of this society a man who never would.”)

What do you do for your weekends/how do you chill out?

Honestly, weekends aren’t that much different from the rest of the week to me. Sometimes my brother is home, but that’s about it. I have plays on Saturday once a month. Chilling out is kind of a foreign concept to me as well. I write incessantly, I watch TV shows at night before bed, I play harp when the mood strikes… I guess chilling out mostly consists of being tired of dealing with the internet so I go sit on the couch and watch other people deal with their things. Or read. I should really read more…

Tea or coffee, milkshake or coke?

Black tea and chocolate milkshake.

If you found a time machine, where would you go?

Oh, hmm… I haven’t thought about this one in a long time. I’d either want to go back to meet some famous dead person, or else I’d want to go take a look at the future. Being a scifi writer and all I’d like to steal some technology. And of course, if it also traveled in space, I’d go get some friends first.

Elizabeth K. wrote:
How serious are you at turning me into a permanent puddle?

Haha! That depends! Pretty serious, I guess, since you turning into a puddle is my first indicator that my writing is good. So if you aren’t puddlifying it’s not that great and I should fix it or throw it out. Soooo… stock up on buckets.

How do you define being a night owl?

A night owl is someone who prefers to stay up late, and does their best thinking at night rather than in the morning. There are actually people who wake up in the morning refreshed and eager, happy and bright-eyed and coherent. They are not night owls, and they bewilder me.

What is your favorite moment from any stories you’ve written?

You’re kidding, right? That’s like picking a favorite character! I can tell you a favorite type of scene… All my favorite scenes are death scenes. The climax of POY, the death of the villain from the Last Wizard, the final chapter of JP, etc. Anything with high emotion and incredible loss really touches me, both in my writing and in others. Even poorly written versions of those sorts of scenes kind of grab hold and suck me in. The finale to the second part of Lightning Ranger is probably one of my favorite-favorites as it involves a lot of loss and gain all wrapped up in one.

Aubrey Hansen wrote:
How many harps have you owned in your life?

Technically I’ve owned two. I had a small cheap one when I was a child, but it’s not really a real harp, so I tend to not count it. Then when I got serious about harping I bought a kit and my dad built the harp I have now – 36 string Musicmakers Voyageur.

What kind of computer to you usually use for writing?

Desktop PC. I usually get my dad’s old computers, which is fun. I don’t like writing on laptops because of the angle and I dislike the keyboards. And my dad doesn’t like me doing that much typing on a laptop keyboard because they’re so hard to replace once they’re worn out. And I think we don’t even have a working laptop currently… I’m still running Windows XP because I refused to have anything to do with Vista. I probably should upgrade to 7, but I like what I have…

When you handwrite, what kind of pen/pencil?

Anything with black ink. I can’t write in pencil at all, and I definitely prefer black, but there my preferences end.

When you change something while handwriting, do you usually erase/strikethrough, make marginal notes, start a new page, or what?

Oh boy… I use a lot of strikethroughs and margin notes, I guess. I tend to not actually make that many changes while I’m writing, but sometimes I forget something important and either add it in or make a note to myself to add it in. If I get really messed up and need to redo an entire scene I just turn to a new page and start writing over again.

Do you have a favorite kind of candy?

My mom asks me this too. Anything with chocolate, pretty much.


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  1. *loved this* ^_^ Thanks for answering my hoard of questions, Katie! 😀 I don’t know why I didn’t find this sooner… o.O My blogger dashboard mustn’t be showing up posts from your blog. 😛 *must amend*

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