I Forgive You

I forgive you.

For everything you did in the past. For everything you might do in the future.

I forgive it all. Always and completely.

Forgiveness isn’t walking away. It isn’t forgetting. It isn’t tolerance.

Forgiveness is coming back.

It’s letting yourself be hurt again.

It’s letting go.

Setting free.

Opening up.

Dropping your shields.

Lowering the drawbridge.

Letting you come home again.

Justice is cold. Hard. Merciless.

Justice destroys, takes away, avenges.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But -1+-1=-2, not zero.

Two losses. Two deaths. Two families left alone to cry in the dark.

Justice can’t heal.

It can’t bring the dead back to life.

Mercy is life. It’s healing.

It can’t undo the past but it brings hope for the future.

Justice is getting what you deserve. It’s making you suffer the way I suffered.

Justice is a destructive cycle that leads to never ending death.

Hell is Justice.

Heaven is Mercy.

And it’s all wrapped up in three words…

Life, love, hope, and rebirth…

Spring and flowers and tears and relief…

I forgive you.

And you are forgiven. Always and completely forgiven.


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