Usually, when people blog about birthday parties I think it’s a little, em, domestic and self-centered. But this is one party that was far too awesome not to talk about incessantly, and anyhow, people keep asking. So you are all hereby subjected to domesticity. However, we’ll do our best to smooth the way with elaborate geekiness.

This is no ordinary birthday party. This is a Doctor Who party. For three people; myself, and my two younger siblings. Our collective ages are 40. You do the math.

Our party colors were blue and white. So we had blue and white streamers, blue and white balloons, blue tablecloth, blue plates and napkins, and blue cups. But we took it a step further. We printed out Doctor Who characters and cut them out and taped them onto the cups. So we had proper DW party cups.

When guests came over we had a scavenger hunt. We called this scavenger hunt “Defeat the Daleks.” We taped pretty lists to paper bags, and decorated them with more DW pics on cardstock.

Everyone was divided into teams for the scavenger hunt, and awarded prizes for being the first one back. For prizes we made Dalek badges that said “Defeated” on them. The entire point of the entire day was to defeat the daleks.

We also watched videos to educate our guests on things like monsters, running, and regeneration.

We printed out Daleks on colored construction paper and hung them from the streamers. The house was full of an army of daleks! We made a TARDIS too, for the centerpiece.

The birthday cake was also a TARDIS. We wanted to make it standing upright, in full 3D, but there was some concern about leaning, so we ditched that plan. My sister did a beautiful job with it, although we cheated a little with printed paper, rather than making the whole thing edible.

But going with partly inedible ingredients allowed us to do something really unique. We put an LED in the very top, so the TARDIS actually lit up and glowed, even after we cut and ate it!

The kids also made Dalek cupcakes.

I got little sonic screwdrivers for fellow birthday mates. They loved them.

My brother got a stuffed, talking Dalek.

We had blue jello jigglers with supper, cut into stars and moons.

After food we did a pinata. Another sister had spent weeks making a Dalek shaped pinata, and she did a brilliant job with it. My Very Tall Brother held onto the other end of the string, and uttered dire threats like “You will be Exterminated.” and “Resistance is Futile.”

Eventually it was reduced to a pile of spare parts. We picked up our prizes in lunch bags with more of those little DW pictures on them.

The day concluded with a resounding defeat for the Daleks, and a victory for the good guys, and the further edjumacation in all things Doctor Who.


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